Projects / Housing

Projects / Housing

Cité Bonnier

Paris XXe

Renovation of the Cité Bonnier housing project and its exterior spaces

Paris Habitat
Atelier Cambium + Deshoulières Jeanneau
Design team
Gautrand et associés (landscape architects), Brizot-Masse Ingénierie (structural engineering), SCB économie (QS)
Image credits
Ercole Salinaro
Paris (75), France
Renovation of the Cité Bonnier housing project (376 housing units) and its exterior spaces
Surface area
2,564 m2 (incl. housing: 1,924 m2, activities: 328 m2, and public facilities: 312 m2)
13,000 m2 of exterior spaces
Cost of the works
4,1 M€ pre-tax
2015 – 2025
Under studies

Led by three project management teams for Paris Habitat, the comprehensive renovation of the Cité Bonnier housing project seeks to open up the site, which has remained separated from its surroundings, and to reintegrate it into the rest of the neighbourhood.

Our work on both the landscape and the architecture pursues three goals: opening the project to its neighbourhood and city, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants and providing a greater sense of safety, and enhancing its 1920s-era architectural heritage. 

Designed by Louis Bonnier in 1920-1928, this project consists of a series of residences arranged around private courtyards.


HBMs are Parisian public housing projects dating back to the 1920s and 30s. They represent a continuation of the attempts made since the time of Napoleon III to provide housing to the working class.  As an architect working in the employ of the city of Paris, Louis Bonnier was responsible for implementing public housing regulations. He designed some thirty buildings along the Rue Menilmontant, which were interspersed to facilitate air flows. The housing was equipped with heating and indoor plumbing.


To respect Bonnier’s intentions, clear, functional limits will be given anew to the private spaces in the buildings to allow inhabitants to appropriate them and feel safe within them. 

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