Projects / Education

Projects / Education

Institute for Political Studies


Redevelopment of the former School of Law and Literature

Région Nord - Pas-de-Calais
Atelier Cambium + Deshoulières Jeanneau
Design team
SLH Ingénierie (structural engineering, MPE, HVAC, QS), TRACES (landscape architects), Cicanord (site management)
Images credits
Patrick Miara
Lille (59), France
Redevelopment of the former School of Law and Literature
Surface area
10.125 m2
Construction costs
11,2 M€ pre-tax
2012 – 2016
High Environmental Quality

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Led by the Nord-Pas de Calais Region, the former School of Law and Literature at the University of Lille was redeveloped in 2017 to host the Institute for Political Studies, better known as SciencesPo. The architectural project highlighted the neoclassical building by creating a plaza around the main entrance, freeing up the patios and inner courtyards, and restoring all the façades. From a functional standpoint, spaces were unified and regrouped to render the circulations more visible (in terms of horizontal continuity and vertical distribution in every corner) and the division of (teaching and administration) areas clearer. This intervention has given SciencesPo a contemporary image. The new envelope clads the various volumes, diffuses the light and reflects it towards the patios, and provides transparency to unite the patios and separate the full volumes. The building was designed to accommodate changes in teaching methods, such as working in small groups, modular furniture, and audio-visual equipment in all classrooms. The spaces highlight one of the comparative advantages of a school that functions at a human scale such as SciencesPo Lille, specifically its tendency to work in small teams (consisting of some twenty students in core curriculum courses).

Sciences-Po Lille has spacious, functional buildings that mark a new stage of its growth, 25 years after its establishment in 1991.


Built in 1890-1895 in a neo-classical style by Alfred Mongy, the city architect, the School of Law and Literature was initially remodelled in 1950.

The school’s redevelopment with the construction of new spaces will add 30% in additional surface area.


SciencesPo Lille how has a working tool of enormous potential that meets international standards. These new spaces will allow the institution to admit more than 2,000 students for the diploma program in the medium term and to welcome more international students.

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