Projects / Education

Projects / Education

Tivoli Rivière


Restructuring of offices
as a kindergarten and elementary school

Project owner
Mairie de Bordeaux
Project manager
GTM Bâtiment Aquitaine (Lead Architect), Atelier Cambium (Associate Architects), Vallet/De Martinis (Associate Architects)
Project management team
Jean Noël Tournier (landscape architects), Cetab (all-trades engineering), VIAM Acoustique (sound engineering)
Image credits
Bordeaux (33), France
Restructuring of offices as a kindergarten and elementary school
Surface area
3.510 m2
Cost of the works
4,95 M€ pre-tax

The restructuring of this building highlights its intrinsic qualities while removing mistakes that were made in the 1990s. This yields a modern building with rows of tall windows that provide natural light to the circulations between floors, with a mineral, tan envelope that emphasises a sense of horizontality. Although this restructured building readily reveals its intended use when one examines the programme (by virtue of its visual permeability), it could also easily be reconverted to office spaces in the coming decades, given its timeless envelope. The Bordeaux stone façades are prominent in their immediate surroundings along Rue Chaigneau and Boulevard Pierre 1er. And even though the Tivoli neighbourhood is changing quickly, these markers should be preserved, because they grant a certain aesthetic and architectural quality to the boulevard.



The lobby, which is a pace for reception, sharing, and exhibitions, serves all parts of the programme. A monumental, glass-roofed staircase also facilitates circulations and communications within the school complex. 

The interior layout was designed with simple, daily actions in mind to improve the functionality and ergonomics of the spaces. 

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