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Joffre House


Construction of a private home
made from cut stone

Project owner
Private Clients
Project manager
Atelier Cambium
Project management team
Isac, phase étude (structure), Enerlab (plumbing), Atec (electrical)
Image credits
Agnès Clotis
Bègles (33), France
Construction of a private home made from cut stone
Surface area
A house of 287 m2, an office space of 160 m2 , and appurtenances
Cost of the works
Completed, phase 2 in construction
2019 - 2021

This home, located in a residential neighbourhood at the outskirts of Bordeaux, was designed for a family of five.  Its single-storey layout corresponds both to the yard that surrounds it and the low density, low-slung architecture of the area in general. The interior is a study in fluidity, conciseness and openness that highlights the use of stone from the village of Vers-Pont-du-Gard throughout. This material was chosen for its ability to create a perception of rich vibrancy through its porous texture, warm tone, and strong veining. The size of the stone blocks formed the basis of a grid that was applied to the entire house. Concrete architraves crown the walls made of stone and glass to create a timeless, abstract look. The thermal inertia of the walls and the technical equipment installed make this house a perfect example of bioclimatic architecture.


The worksite was quick and clean, as the stones and prefabricated products were delivered for on-site assembly according to a predetermined layout. The final stages performed at the worksite were the surfacing and water-repellent treatment of the exterior.


Modelled on the frame, the living areas are grouped together around a large central room that opens out directly onto the yard through its wide, sliding glass panels. The private spaces are grouped at both ends of this large space and surround the yard like a picture frame. 

The Implementation

A regular grid based on the size of the stone blocks punctuates the facade and governs the openings and their trumeaus. This simple, geometric approach was adopted starting already with the home’s initial design. This optimised the cutting of the stone block and generated savings in terms of labour. The stone is devoid of any moulding in an effort to highlight its intrinsic qualities. 

This home is a study in fluidity, conciseness, and openness, highlighting the use of stone from the village of Vers-Pont-du-Gard throughout. 

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