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Mirande House


Extension of a private home

Project owner
Private Clients
Project manager
Atelier Cambium
Image credits
Julien Fernandez
Bordeaux (33), France
Extension of a private home
Surface area
400 m2
Cost of the works

On the one hand, this hôtel particulier is richly ornamented, with its stone balcony, varnished brick, pediment, marquise, and stained-glass windows. On the other, its contemporary extension, which remains opaque on the street side facing south, represents a total rupture. The two parts reciprocally highlight each other and form a conversation. A break between the two puts the contemporary part at a slight distance, almost giving the impression of two separate structures. A large skylight occupies one upper corner. This new volume triples the surface area of the property while maintaining a sense of proportion.

The house is situated in an affluent residential area made up of nineteenth-century solid stone houses that are either stand-alone or aligned along the edge of the street.




The extension has endowed the house with a spacious double living room and an office space on the ground floor, four bedrooms and a master suite on the first floor, and a guesthouse in the backyard.

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