Projects / Hotel

Projects / Hotel

Central Hostel


Transformation of a building into a youth hostel

Project owner
SCI Saint Projet
Atelier Cambium + Deshoulières Jeanneau
Design team
Studio Hekla (interior architecture)
Image credits
Atelier Cambium
Julien Fernandez
Bordeaux (33), France
Major renovation to create a youth hostel (97 beds with three superior twin rooms)
Surface area
850 m2
Construction costs
1,5 M€ pre-tax
2016 - 2018

Located in Place Saint Projet, within Bordeaux’s historically protected sector, the programme is situated within a building, three of whose sides share walls with other buildings, and the fourth of which is a historically protected façade. In light of these many constraints, a rear patio and a rooftop terrace were created to provide a sense of airiness to the programme and natural light for the rooms.  This imposing programme is spread out across five floors to meet the guests’ needs. There are 97 beds, and three superior twin rooms.


Concrete floors were added in the 1960s, but they were unable to sustain modern loads; therefore, they were replaced fully with wood floors. The process also involved renovating the roof using traditional construction techniques. 

The existing stairwell was removed to create a central patio and provide more natural light, down to the ground floor. A new terrace was created on the rooftop that provides an exceptional festive space in counterpoint to the terrace in Place Saint Projet.


Designed in collaboration with Hekla, the interior spaces include a large bar and restaurant on the ground floor, sleeping rooms of various sizes, as well as two-person rooms tucked in beneath the roof.

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