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Carnot-Faure House


Construction of a private home

Project owner
Private clients
Project manager
Atelier Cambium
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Bordeaux (33), France
Construction of a private home
Surface area
320 m2
Cost of the works

Close to the Parc Bordelais, this house sits between a hôtel particulier and the Hôtel Schwabe, which was built in 1908. Between their neoclassical ornamentation (bossed plinth and mouldings) and opus incertum stonework, we chose a resolutely contemporary architectural style that is carefully proportioned and uses materials such as concrete and anodised brass. The project plays on a sense of duality, the streetside remaining very opaque, and the backyard, very open.

The Hôtel Schwabe is one of the architect Cyprien Alfred-Duprat’s most important works. It is distinguished by the presence of a garage – a new amenity at the time. The Carnot house adopts this same forward-looking approach.


A central, glassed-in patio sheds a considerable amount of natural light into the core of the building. This offsets the narrowness of the parcel.

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