Projects / Housing

Projects / Housing

Among the Trees


Construction of 58 housing units

Project owner
Atelier Cambium
Design team
EDS33 (structure), Cabinet Guénolé (VRD), Qualiconsult (technical inspection services)
Image credits
Damien Rigondeaud
Pessac (33), France
58 logements en accession
Surface area
3.450 m2
Construction costs
4,55 M€ pre-tax
2016 - 2019

Situated in the town of Pessac along the tramway line, this housing project subtly inserts itself into a remarkable ring-like green space. It strives to be an open block with a programme consisting of two elongated buildings harbouring a green space between them. This was accomplished by crowning the parking area with a landscaped pergola, for example. The empty volumes between the buildings were also arranged to limit direct lines of sight between the individual apartments. The architecture is composed of horizontal strata underscored by emerging slab nosings and large terraces. The soft colours, refined joinery, and reflective windows highlight the joyousness of the adorning natural elements.


The apartments are largely open to the exterior because of their French doors and full-length balconies, which provide direct views onto the tree canopy. Half of the units face more than one direction.


The immediate proximity of the trees and the tramway provided several challenges in the construction: it was important not to damage any roots (located just 50 cm from the foundations) or the tree canopy, and not to snag the overhead lines either.

The moulding is abstract, in reference to the adjacent housing complex from the 1960s, the Cité de Saige.

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