Projects / Housing

Projects / Housing

Villas Durcy


of 84 housing units

Project owner
AB Groupe / Idéal Groupe
Atelier Cambium
Design team
Cabinet Guénolé (VRD), Frédéric Xixons (scheduling, construction management, and coordination), Qualiconsult (technical inspection services)
Image credits
Ivan Mathie
Bègles (33), France
Construction of 84 housing units
Surface area
5.150 m2
Construction costs
6,5 M€ pre-tax
2014 - 2018

In a context that remains low-density and very green, this project to build 84 housing units will form a major component of its surrounding urban fabric. To avoid too high a level of density, this “piece of a city” is subdivided into nine parcels that create a scale of small collective units. They are situated around a new roadway that splits the entire plot into two halves.  The housing units are arranged on both sides of this main axis, which suggests a geological fissure. A grey plinth one and a half stories tall supports the sculpted volumes of the upper floors. These offset spaces allow for large terraces and views of the gardens. The architectural style is sober. The champagne-coloured metal joinery and railings become iridescent in the sunlight and stand on contrast to the concrete.


The worksite was scheduled in phases, mixing architectural concrete elements with plastered façades to create a contrasting effect for the plinth.


To further the plot’s integration into the city, the programme was subdivided into nine small parcels interlaced with green spaces. The apartments have multiple orientations to limit direct views into the properties. 

The Villas Durcy explore the articulation of different architectural and urban scales.

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