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Projects / Housing



Construction of a bioclimatic building
with 64 housing units and shops

Fayat Immobilier
Atelier Cambium
Design team
A+R Paysage (landscape architects), ASTREE (metal framework), 180° Ingénierie (Environmental engineering consulting (AMO)), Vivien (plumbing/electrical), VIAM Acoustique (sound engineering), FORTEN (economist), Veritas (technical inspection services)
Image credits
RUA Representing Unbuilt Architecture, A+R Paysage
Bordeaux (33), France
Construction of a mixed-use building with 64 housing units and shops
Surface area
5,218m2 GFA for housing
720m2 for businesses
52 parking spaces
Construction costs
9.8M€ pre-tax
2018 - 2024
Under studies

Situated on Cours Saint Louis in Bordeaux, this project involves the construction of 61 housing units, 4 shops, and 51 parking spaces for the developer Fayat Immobilier. Following 7 months of studies, the project was extensively redesigned to fulfil the goals of the new “Frugal Bordeaux Building” environmental label.  Its volume is based on the traditional, surrounding urban fabric, while the site’s centre incorporates a landscaped area resembling the forests planted by the Japanese botanist Miyawaki. The design follows the principles of bioclimatic architecture (including biosourced materials and double-sided units). The project is implementing the 3-star version of the “Frugal Bordeaux Building” label. 


All double or even triple-sided, the apartments are extended through an exterior space. The building’s structure was designed to allow for the interior spaces to be reconfigured to adapt to the changing needs of each household.

«Bâtiment frugal bordelais» ***

> Doing more with less

> Studying and optimising comfor in the building, both in summer and winter

> Optimising the mobilised resources

> Valuing “what is already there”

> Taking care of the relationship to the natural surroundings

> Taking care of the quality of life

> Taking care of the socioeconomic relations in the area

> Adapting to the future context

The Miyawaki forest re-establishes the green space that traditionally lies at the centre of a Bordeaux faubourg city block.

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