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Projects / Office

Pôle Cambel


Construction of offices using CLT

Project owner
SCI Cambel
Atelier Cambium
Design team
HBD (structure)
Image credits
Olivier Boisseau
Sainte Eulalie (33), France
Construction of new, wood-frame offices
Surface area
800 m2
Construction costs
1,16 M€ pre-tax
2010 - 2011

This office project, which houses the former offices of Atelier Cambium, was conceived as a practical exercise in exploring new construction solutions. It makes extensive use of prefabricated elements.  The ease of use of the wood panels and the comfort provided to users demonstrate the virtues of this building approach. Common areas have been placed at the disposal of the various companies hosted in this space: a conference room, a cafeteria, and shaded terraces.


The structure was made using LENO engineered wood panels from Finnforest (Metsåwood), which combine a core of laminate with two layers of solid wood. This construction system has better mechanical performance that braces the structure, regardless of the number and size of openings. The façades and slabs for each level are constructed using CLT.

The two-story load-bearing structure was assembled and erected in just three days. The wood frame consists of an almost completely flat roof covered with steel sheeting. The insulated attic spaces are made of cellulose wadding, and the ITE externally insulated façades, of semi-rigid wood-wool panels clad with spruce wood.

In bringing together several companies who specialise in wood construction, the ease of implementing this building and its intrinsic qualities highlight the advantages of this type of construction.


Wood is also used in the interior, for the wainscotting as well as the furniture, to create a warm, domestic ambiance.

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