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Building renovation and its doubling in height
to create energy-positive offices

Atelier Cambium
Design team
ASTREE (metal framework), Vivien (plumbing/electrical), C3 (façades), Alpes contrôles (technical inspection services), Havane Studio (interior architecture)
Image credits
RUA Representing Unbuilt Architecture
Bruges (33), France
Renovating and adding stories to create energy-positive offices
Surface area
2.000 m2
Cost of the works
4.1 M€ pre-tax
2018 - 2023
Label Sought

The strategy for increasing the office space at this company headquarters has been to add height to the building  instead of demolishing it. Four pilasters at the four corners of the original orthogonal plot support the new superstructure and house the vertical circulations and fluids. The erstwhile fifth facade, which held the technical spaces, is now home to conference rooms and eating areas with extensive exposure to the exterior. The composition is crowned by a terrace sheltered under a photovoltaic pergola. Together with the set of nine geothermal probes under the parking area, this 330 m2 structure helps make this renovated building energy-positive.

The existing structure, which dates back to the 1980s, forms part of a group of 9 buildings located in a vast office park.


Construction began with cleaning the building and removing the glass curtain walls, followed by pouring the foundations, which was  necessitated by the doubling of the surface area, and by the fact that the added height is self-supporting.  The lift, the technical conduits, and the stairways will be affixed to the facade.

The newly added, rectangular stories rest atop the original octagonal base. The two shapes are connected by the four pilasters that make up the superstructure.


The operation adds three stories, several vertical circulations, a panoramic terrace and a photovoltaic roof. 

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