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Projects / Commercial

Blue House


Construction of a medical facility

Project owner
Private Clients
Project manager
Atelier Cambium
Project management team
CESMA et ID BATIMENT (structure), Havane Studio (interior architecture)
Image credits
RUA Representing Unbuilt Architecture
Bordeaux (33), France
Construction of a medical facility
Surface area
430 m2
Cost of the works
985.000 € pre-tax
2019 - 2022

As home of  the Sleep Apnea Research Centre (PEAS), this medical facility brings together pneumologists, cardiologists, pediatricians, and geriatricians who work on this widespread yet still poorly understood condition. The diversity of patients, who range from infants to elderly people, inspired our arrangement of the premises and their division into various sectors. The facility’s name (the “Blue House”) comes from its nocturnal lighting.  The proposed architecture strives to be both simple and remarkable, as a way to situate this facility within its environment close to the Bel-Air Clinic. Thus, the façade along the street consists of a steel and glass wall whose composition resembles that of a painting by Mondrian. This abstract design forms a signal in the urban cityscape that is both discrete and decidedly contemporary, one that does not allude to the building’s content.


The erection of the frame by DL Océan and the installation of the glass panels by Labastère 33 represented the main phases of the construction. The metal framework supports the entirely glassed-in curtain wall, which provides a maximum amount of natural lighting.

The carefully designed layout, the panes and the color of the glass form a concise and regular geometric pattern.

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