Projects / Housing

Projects / Housing

Belvédère EB2a


Construction of a mixed-use ensemble of housing,
a retirement home, and businesses

Land developer
Bordeaux Euratlantique, Altarea Cogedim, Nexity, Pitch Promotion
Project Manager, Master Planning
Güller Güller architecture urbanism (Lead Architect and Urban Planner), Hondelatte Laporte (Associate Architect and Urban Planner), GROSS. MAX (Landscape Architect)
Groupement Nexity / Cogedim
Atelier Cambium + Deshoulières Jeanneau
Design team
A+R Paysages (Landscape Architect), Terrell (structural engineering), Le Sommer (Environmental design), Biotope (ecologist), Vivien (MEP), Synacoustique (acoustics), Amodev (site management), Qualiconsult (technical inspection services), Abac (Roadways), Cabinet Faure (QS).
Image credits
RUA Representing Unbuilt Architecture
Galerie Blanche
Bordeaux (33), France
New construction of a mixed-use block combining housing, shops, a day-care centre, a retirement home, and 280 parking spaces
Surface area
Construction costs
32M€ pre-tax
2021 - 2025
Under studies
BREEAM very good
High Environmental Quality - NF HQE bâtiments tertiaires / excellent
High Environmental Quality - NF HQE habitat / performant
Level 2

Under the aegis of the architects and urban planners Güller Güller (GGAU), the industrial wasteland of Le Belvédère is steadily becoming a new, mixed-use, pedestrian neighbourhood. The programme, comprising 122 housing units, businesses, a day-care centre, a retirement home with 126 housing units, and some 300 parking spaces, consists of several volumes placed around the landscaped central core of the block. To attenuate the project’s massive scale, the ten stories are punctuated by porches that create views of the whole. The public uses are located at the foot of the building behind transparent façades, while the housing occupies the upper floors. The body of the building is characterised by an exoskeleton that frames the façade and provides it with a sense of rhythm. The penthouse, set back and thus less visible, crowns the block very subtly with its large areas and glass guardrails. All roofs and the centre of the block have been landscaped to temper the mineral quality of the façades.


EB2A is the largest block in the Belvédère neighbourhood. To the southeast, it sits along Boulevard Joliot Curie, a major entrance point to the city, and to the northwest, along the Allée des Abeilles, a pedestrian zone.

Comprising housing, a retirement home, a day-care centre, and parking, this large, varied programme is divided into several volumes placed around the landscaped centre of the block.  

As a centrepiece of the Belvédère neighbourhood, block EB2a is a study in balance between density, quality, and diversity.

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