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Projects / Housing



Construction of 19 housing units

Project owner
Atelier Cambium
Design team
HBR 46 (road and networks consultant), Geotec (hydraulics), ISAC (structure), NRGYS (heating), Géofondations (geotechnics), Auige (surveyor)
Images credit
RUA Representing Unbuilt Architecture
Pessac (33), France
19 housing units for first-time home buyers
Surface area
1.470 m2
Construction costs
2,35 M€ pre-tax

Located in the city centre of Pessac, the project is situated between a terrain of single-family homes and a heterogeneous urban fabric that we would classify as that of an ordinary city. The goal of our design is to create a proper sense of scale between this new operation and the existing structures, thereby avoiding two pitfalls: creating too brutal a rupture and, conversely, generating an excessive sense of linearity. Fragmenting the programme yielded the appropriate typology. The contemporary style is based on a composition of vertical frames. The housing units have windows on both sides and can be accessed by exterior passageways. A pedestrian walkway connects the northern and southern sides.

The fragmenting of the programme helps insert it into its immediate surroundings while preserving the block’s sense of compactness. 

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