​​Intercommunal music and dance conservatory

Transformation and expansion of the former Jules Ferry School to host a Performing Arts Conservatory

Parvis Orion

Construction of 65 housing units in the Bastide Niel joint development zone, or ZAC

INSEE statistics centre

Creation of an INSEE statistics centre within the nineteenth century imperial railway station

Founded in 2006, Atelier Cambium is an architecture firm with offices in Bordeaux and Paris that develops housing, offices, and hotels, both in the form of new constructions and restructurings. Directed by Olivier Laurent, architect, and Franck Ferrier, construction and project manager, the twenty-member team comes from a variety of backgrounds. It has very extensive building know-how that it routinely implements in the projects that it conducts from start to finish. In 2022, Atelier Cambium acquired Deshoulières Jeanneau, an architecture firm specialised in building public facilities.

Bel Air

Construction of housing units
and businesses

Victoire Marne Campus

Transformation of the former School of dentistry
into a student centre

Central library in Les Herbiers

Construction of a central library in Les Herbiers

Through our many projects, we have acquired considerable expertise in building with bio-and geo-sourced materials.

We like working with what is already there, from the micro to the macro – through rehabilitation, transformation, adding height, reusing, and recycling – to limit the anthropisation of the ground as much as possible.


Building renovation and its doubling in height
to create energy-positive offices


Construction of 18 housing units in solid stone

Blue House

Construction of a medical facility

Villa Rohan

Transformation of an office building
into 22 apartments


A highly skilled, experienced, and diverse team


Refurbishing and building for the long haul


Limiting costs and carbon footprints