Projects / Office

Projects / Office


Villa Rohan

​​Intercommunal music and dance conservatory

Victoire Marne Campus

Central Multimedia Library

The Volcano, Espace Oscar Niemeyer

Central library in Les Herbiers

Institute for Political Studies

Espace Saint-Louis

Pierre Moinot Multimedia Library

Dance and Contemporary Music Centre

Departmental Dance and Music Conservatory

Thiac House


Multimedia library and play library

Cité Bonnier

Blue House

Music School and Multimedia Library

Université Montesquieu

AMI “Committed to the Future of Quality Housing”

The Moulin d’Anguitard Cultural Centre

INSEE statistics centre

Saint Joseph de Tivoli

School of Pharmacy


Lola Hotel

A historic Château

Central Hostel

Hôtel de Broglie-Haussonville

Villa Carmélie: Music and Dance Centre

Poitou-Charentes Regional Office of Public Facilities

Saint-Augustin municipal hall

Restructuring of the school entrance

Multi-City Services Building

Opéra Comédie

Vienne Prefecture

Tivoli Rivière

Athletics Stadium

A Historic Home

Chapelle House

Saint-Genès House

Carnot House

Ferrère House